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Paper Minis™ "Need to Know" Library of Tutorials

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Ann's Tool Box: Best tools to have to make Paper Minis

Aging Pre-Printed Paper Minis

Bow Maker: Make a gizmo for creating mini bows

Candy Bon Bons

Cutting Small, Detailed Items Such as Paper Dolls

Fabric Printing Using an Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer Optimization

Light Box for Macro (Miniature) Photography (Home Made)

Paper Minis Assembly Tips

Selecting Printer Paper

Update on Assembly Tips


Water-Slide Decals Using a PC and Printer

Vision Goggles
Every once in a while I discover something that makes my life so much easier, and these goggles are the latest and greatest tool in the 'Ann tool box.' I found these for $11 on recently in a liquidation sale. The set comes with four interchangeable lenses. I have been using readers for many years to help correct my up-close vision, but these goggles do a much better job. You might not be able to buy a pair for just $11, but I did notice there were many good deals up there on-line. Thought you would like to know.


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