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The following list contains very helpful and informative tutorials. These tutorials are  unique in that they are illustrated with many detailed photographs. Content is copyrighted intellectual property of Ann Vanture, Owner of The Bottega Design Studio and Designer of Paper Minis. Feel free to visit as often as you like, but reproduction is strictly prohibited without the consent of the author (email for permission).
Click here for the "need-to-know-tutorials": Special tutorials of tips and tricks and tools needed for the hobby of miniature printies.

Click here for room box photo tutorials and box patterns: A great way to display your assembled printies is to make a vignette or room box, and here are all the instructions and patterns to do so. You don't have to have a doll or dollhouse to enjoy miniatures!

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Generic Tutorials

Subscription Tutorials (FYI: each book kit includes a pre-printed photo tutorial)
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  Cubby Vignettes Subscription
  Accessories Sampler Subscription
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Fashion Doll/Play Scale 1:6 Scale

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Generic Tutorials

Do not overlook the Need-to-Know tutorials
Subscriptions and Series
Contemporary Collections Subscription (all scales)
Cubby Vignette Collection Subscription 1:12 scale
Dollhouse Accessories Sampler Subscription 1:12 scale
Festive Holiday Table Settings 1:12 scale

pc1is083 ~ Valentine's Day Table Setting

pc1is084 ~ St. Patrick's Day Table Setting

pc1is085 ~ Easter Day Table Setting

pc1is086 ~ Independence Day Table Setting

pc1is087 ~ Birthday Party Table Setting

pc1is088 ~ Halloween Party Table Setting

pc1is089 ~ Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting

pc1is090 ~ Christmas Dinner Table Setting

pc1is091 ~ Baby Shower Table Setting

Ornaments and Platforms 1:12 scale

The ornament platform photo-tutorial:
Click Here

NOTE: Some platforms have a decorative strip that is to be glued to the finished platform's circumference. For the platforms that have 2 tiers, the second tier construction is just like the main platform.

pc1is071 ~ Magnolias Motif Ornament Settings:
Glove and Shoe Boxes
Panel Hat Box
Perfume Box
Shopping Bag
Gift Bag Tissue Stuffing
Dusting Powder Box and Puff
Magnolias Shopping
Sachet Packets

pc1is072 ~ Cabbage Rose Ornament Settings:
Shopping Bag
Gift Bag Tissue Stuffing

Hat Box, Round
Perfume Box
Shoe Boxes
Dusting Powder Box and Puff
Sachet Packets

pc1is073 ~ Victorian Desk Ornament Settings:
Writing Caddy and Stationery
Cigars and Box
Desk Blotter
Pencil tutorial
Address Book
Note pad
Lamp (page 3) Bead required is large than pictured in tutorial

pc1is074 ~ Contemporary Student Desk Ornament Settings:
Text Books
Composition notebooks and pocket folders
Pencils, pencil box, crayons and box, note pad

pc1is075 ~ Santa's Sleigh Motif Ornament Settings:
Christmas Cards
Boxed Holiday wine does not require a tutorial.
Boxed ornaments
Gift bag, stuffing, gift box

pc1is076 ~ Holly Motif Ornament Settings:
Boxed Christmas Cards
Faux Books (cut blank pages)
Stack gift boxes
Gift bag, stuffing, gift box

pc1is077 ~ Train Village Ornament Settings:
Train, village buildings, trees and animals

pc1is078 ~ Pretty Village Ornament Settings:
Village tutorial
Trees are straight forward. Roll into ice cream cone shape and glue edge.

pc1is079 ~ Vintage Toy Ornament Settings

pc1is080 ~ Vintage Sewing Ornament Settings:
Spools of thread
Beautiful sewing box
Fabric bolts
All else is very straight-forward and easy to make without tutorials

pc1is081 ~ Ornament ~ 3-d Christmas Nativity Crèches
This tutorial includes both the construction of the platform and the Crèche

pc1is082: Ornament ~ Vintage Gardening and Platform

Vintage Collections Subscription 1:12 scale
Vintage Toy Shop Subscription 1:12 scale
Stand-alone Pre-printed Kits 1:12 scale
Activities Category
Book Category (b & bc numbers) 1:12 scale

All books come with printed instructions. I have left these on-line tutorials in place even if they are outdated (structure of many has changed over the years) for those of you who may have the older versions.

~ Festive Category1:12 scale
~ Household Category 1:12 scale
~Toy Category 1:12 scale
~ Hitty Category (approx. 1:9 scale)
~ Fashion Doll/Play Scale (1:6 Scale)


~ Miscellaneous and Older Kits
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