Assemble a Garden Bag
  1. Cut Plastic Bag

Place the plastic sandwich bag on top of the pattern. I used a straight-edge ruler to hold the plastic securely. Use a felt tip marker to draw the rectangle that will be the bag. For sanity's sake, make a little mark to remind you of which side is to be the top of the bag.

  2. Create the Bag Cylinder

Create a cylinder of the plastic rectangle. Use standard clear tape to tape the overlap securely. You can use a series of short pieces, if one long piece is hard to manage. Items shown in photos are of the 18" girl doll scale.


  3. Tape Base

Use tape to secure the base shut. Overlap and fold back extra tape so that you don't end up with little openings at the corners. This will keep the soil or mulch from seeping out.

  4. Fill Bag

Fill bag with soil or substitute like dried tea or coffee grounds. Don't fill tightly or you won't be able to slip the label onto the bag. Tape the bag top shut just as you did the base of the bag.

  5. Add Label

Glue the side tab of the label to form a cylinder. When glue has dried, gently slip the label onto the bag. You can shake the contents of the bag to help ease on the label.


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