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Chair and Table

54.  Take the three flat pieces for the chair and fold in half. I didn't trim the tops until after paint-gluing the blank sides together.

55.  Trim the tops and fold arms as designated. Make a cube for the seat and paint-glue the tabs.

56.  Glue back and arms as shown. You may make a skirt just as you did for the valances.

Chair pillow is made similar to the bed pillow.

57. Coil table base and paint-glue the end. Note the base to table-top ratio.

58.  Paint-glue to the top of the cylinder and affix the table-top to it.

59. Note that I chose the quilt pattern for the exposed table-top.

60. Stitch-gather the table cloth. I glued it to the cylinder, but you may be more industrious.

61.  Create the book covers as shown. You may want to go all the way and make blank pages to fill the covers.

62.  Form the lamp shade and paint-glue the side tab.

63. The final design does not have the four tabs on the lamp shade brace. Paint-glue the brace into the lamp shade.

64. Coil the lamp base. Note the base ratio to lamp shade for size. Glue side of coil.

65. Paint-glue to the top of the coil.

66. Affix the lamp shade to the base.



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