t1is019 ~ The Paper Minis Quarter Inch (old style)
Scale Cottage (page 3)



40.  Create the mattress box. Fold and glue the head board and foot board.

41.  Paint-glue the head board and foot board as indicated and shown.

42. I used a little wound up fabric scrap to make the pillow. Paint-glue the three open sides of the pillow casing.

43. Glue the bedspread on the bed and use a dab of glue of the pillow up-right.

44. To make the valance curtains, spread out a piece of waxed paper to work on. It's hard to see here, but there is waxed paper. Glue-paint a stretch as long as a valance.

45. Place the valance in the glue to saturate.

46. With your finger and a pointed object (a nail here), manipulate the fabric to look like gathered curtain.

47. Allow it to dry on the waxed paper. Repeat for all four. The fourth should not be quite as wide because of the dresser's position.


48. Cut out dresser pieces. Fold mirror holder in half as shown. Size and position the piece of mirror and adhere it as shown. Paint-glue the overlay frame to the mirror.

49. Make a box of the dresser drawers and paint-glue tabs. Position framed mirror to back and paint-glue.

50. Fold dresser photos and glue back-to-back as shown.

51. Make perfume box.

52. Coil powder box base and paint-glue the side, make sure that the 1/8" punched top fits first.

53. Paint-glue the top onto coil.
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