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18.  Fold the tiffany style shade appropriately. Paint-glue the panels' side tab and use the tweezers to form a good bond.

19. Use needle and double thread through the large pearl.

20. Pull thread evenly through the pearl and secure on either side of the pearl with paint-on glue.

21. While glue is tacky, pull into position within the shade. Pearl will act as both a tiffany style light bulb and weight to hold down hanging lamp.

21a. I made several knots running up the "wiring" for the lamp. Check for length from ceiling. Paint-glue a dab to the ceiling and affix the end. Allow to sit and dry thoroughly.

22. Use the 1/4" hole punch and carefully punch out display dishes. Remove the hole catch so you can see if the punch is lined up properly.

23. Take the nail head and press on plate as shown to create an indentation.

24. The plate shelves need to be folded as shown.

25. Fold back sides' lining and paint-glue in place. If you like you make cut the sides down along the lines at this point.

26. Paint-glue the printed side of the tabs and secure under the blank shelf piece. One is currently glued and one is not in photo.

27.  Photo shows both tabs glued and the back facing and under facing paint-glued into place.

28. To create the quilt rack, fold back and paint-glue the four sides as shown. If you like you may detail cut the sides now.

29. Use the thumb tack to punch designated holes for the quilt pole.

30. Paint-glue to the printed sides of the shelving sides and adhere to the underside of the shelf. One is glued in place in the photo.

31. This is how it should look at this point.

32. Paint glue to the underside of the shelf where the tabs are located.

33. Press together.

34. Glue the final two back panels.


Take the straight pin and feed through quilt rack holes. I found it easier to position the quilt on while doing this for it was too difficult to feed the quilt through that small space.


36. Take wire cutters and clip the extra length

37. Paint-glue a dab to secure the end. This will not show when quilt rack has been mounted in the cottage.

38. Create the cube for the clock and paint-glue it together. Glue the cuckoo clock face onto the box.

39. With small dabs of glue to corners place acetate plastic to print. Make sure you have sized the acetate first. Next dab glue to corners of frame and place over acetate. Frame all three pictures.
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