Assemble The Punch & Judy Theater (old style)
1. Crease Fold Lines

Use a fine edged ruler to fold against. This ensures clean accurate creases.

If you are unsure of yourself and want a practice piece first, merely trace the unit on plain paper before cutting pieces. Make a practice unit with the plain trace.

2. Main Theater Piece

This is how the main theater piece should look after creasing all fold lines.

3. Glue Decorative Panel

Glue back-to-back the decorative panel on the top of the theater.

4. Glue Tabs

Glue the four red tabs to the interior of the theater box.

5. Theater Backing

Fold the four backing tabs forward. Glue the green grass tab to the inside floor of the theater. See next photo.

6. Close Up the Back

Apply glue to the back sides of the remaining tabs. Slide backing into place. Please note that the backing is cut to the exact size of the opening, but seems too large.  So adjust position carefully before pressing glued surfaces together.

7. Press Tabs

Use a cotton swab to press the tabs securely.

8. Glue Back Panel

Place a thin coat of glue to the back of the theater. Don't use too much glue, for over-saturation will cause the backing to warp. A little warping is expected until the theater is complete dry.

9. Adhere back Panel

Carefully position the Punch and Judy panel to the back of the theater.

10. Press Backing

Place the theater down on a firm surface. Use a cotton swab and press down on the backing to make it nice and smooth.

11. Place Puppets

Fold puppet base forward. Place a bit of glue to the under side of the base. Use a pair of tweezers to position puppets.



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