Hat Bases: Simple Decorating

Required tools and supplies:

  • Detailing scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
  • Artist's paint brush to apply glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pink 1" lace (6 inches)
  • 1/16" wide pink satin ribbon
  • Small square (6" square) of thin stretchy pink satin
  • 2 lengths of 5" wide x 16" long pink small-hole tutu netting
  • 5 pink tiny craft roses

1. Use the pill box form that comes with the Paper Minis Millinery kit to create a Queen Elizabeth II style hat. If you don't have pink or other appropriately colored lace, mix a little bit of acrylic craft paint with water for fabric dye.

I used a little pink and a tiny little bit of yellow to create a watery dye.

2. Here is the dyed length of lace 1" lace.

3.  Take the pill box hat form and cut 1" lengths of pink ribbon. This form comes with the Millinery Shop Kit #a1is012, but you could substitute a bottle cap. Try to find a small bottle cap.

4.  Paint glue to the top and part way down the side.

5.  Glue strips of ribbon to top of hat

6.  Press edges down. You can trim a bit if you prefer.

7.  Apply glue to the sides of the hat.

8.  Start at the top of the hat and spin ribbon around the hat until all is covered. Glue end into the inside of the hat.

9. Glue the edge of the lace around the bottom of the hat. You may want to make it a little loose so that you can flip the lace upward. I used the hot glue gun to adhere the lace.

10.  Use a little glue to finish the ends together.

11.  The next hat is the 2nd form that comes with the kit.  This form comes with the Millinery Shop Kit #a1is012, but you could substitute a bottle cap and glue a cardboard circle with a hole cut in the center to its base.

12. Use the glue gun to glue the satin to the top of the hat. Next work around the side of the hat, gluing fabric down with the glue gun. Fabric does not need to be completely smooth and flat. Also remember no one is really wearing the hat!

13. Next glue to the top of the brim and turn over hat. Cut the excess fabric so there is about a 5/8" fabric border.

14.  Proceed to glue fabric edges to the inside of the hat and cover bottom surface of brim. It won't be smooth, nor does it need to be smooth.

15.  Take two length of the netting (about 16" x 5") and place on top of each other centered. Twist twice in the center of length.

16. Use the glue gun and loosely glue the netting to the top of the hat. Also a little on the back to so there is a layer of netting covering the back of the supposed wearer.

17. Cut off the stems of 5 craft roses and glue-gun them to the front of the hat, beginning with the center flower.

18. I used a length of white paper covered wire to pinch the netting as shown here. Trim the ends of the netting as shown.

19. Here are some samples of how to make easy hats for a shop. Use craft store straw hats and trim off a major edge of the brim, if the hat is not to scale. Use satin, lace, ribbon, feathers, craft findings to decorate hats.
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