t1is018b ~ Collector Plate Sets: How to finish plates using plate slugs
Required Tools for Assembling:
  • White craft glue that is a “quick grab” “clear dry” type of glue.
  • Poster clay
  • Small detailing scissors, a.k.a. as embroidery snips
  • or, 1 inch round paper punch
  • Small artist brush, use to paint glue onto paper plate
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a working glue pot
  • Gloss polyurethane varnish
  • Small flat artist brush to use to apply varnish.
  • Optional coordinated colored acrylic craft paint, if you want to paint the plate slug to match plate design. Samples are not painted.
  • Flat end pen or other item like a BIC pen.

1.  Cut out paper plates. A 1" circle punch work very well for this project. Pick a paper plate to begin with and paint quick-dry glue to back. Hold a few seconds to allow the wet glue to soften paper so that it is pliable.

2. Position paper plate over wood slug. By the way, if you were planning on painting the slugs, it would be wiser to paint them before gluing on the paper plates.

3. Use a smooth surface to lightly burnish the paper plate, such as the flat side of your finger nail.


4. Make painting the gloss varnish a much easier task by creating a handle on the plate. Take a ball of poster clay and place on the end of a ballpoint pen. Press the plate into the poster clay.

5. Paint plate with varnish. Paint a couple of coats, but wait between coats to allow the varnish to completely dry. I placed the pen in a spool of ribbon to hold it upright. When you are finished with one plate, remove it from the poster clay and embed another in the poster clay.

6. It is not imperative that you paint the plates with varnish, but you can see by this photo that it does give the design a nice brilliant finish. The one on the left has been coated, the one on the right has not.

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