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Perfume Bottle and Box

Required tools and supplies:

  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting mat
  • Detailing scissors
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear
  • Quick-dry glue that bonds metal and glass
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
  • Artist's paint brush to apply craft glue
  • Toothpick for guiding glue and winding labels


1.  Using a bonding glue that can bond plastic and metal, glue metal base to the pearl teardrop. If you are working on a small mat, you can rotate the mat without disturbing your bottle. This allows you to check that the bottle is positioned upright and strait.


2.  Glue the label with the lady in a rose hat as far down the shaft of the teardrop pearl as you can without the paper rumpling.

3. Take a round toothpick (or something similar in circumference) and tightly wrap the neck label round the pick. This makes it so much easier for you to put the bottleneck label on to the bottle.  The beginning text will practically touch the ending text on the label. Glue the end in place.


4. Using a pair of tweezers to hold the bottleneck label, place glue inside the shaft and position to the top of the pearl drop. Set upright and allow to dry.

5.  Next, insert glue to inside of bottleneck label.

6. Position the pearl to the top as a stopper.

7.  Cut out the box piece. Cut slits along the lengths of the two horizontal markings found on the front of the box.

8.  Fold piece to form a box with tabbings.

9. Glue the long side tab to the blank interior of the box. Glue the bottom flaps closed.

10.  Use the tip of the X-acto blade tool and slide it into the box and thread it through the two slits on the front of the box  (you are not to cut anything during this step). Carefully press that panel to the back of the box. This creates the display area for the perfume bottle.

11.  Slip the bottle of perfume in to the box and tuck in top box flap.
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