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How to Get a Best-Fit Envelope
Must have items for assembly:
  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • Small detailing scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Small artist's paintbrush
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as "glue pot"
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry glue. Nicole sells a great one. White craft glue takes too long to dry and is messy. Glue stick will work, but becomes brittle and pops loose after time.
  • Good cutting mat

1. Cut out card and envelope. Fold card in half and place it centered over blank side of envelope piece.


2. Holding the card in place over the envelope piece, fold upward the triangular panel at the bottom of the envelope. Don't let the card move.

3. Fold the right triangular panel against the card.

4. Fold the left triangular panel against the card.

5. Remove the card. Place a dot of glue to the point of the bottom triangle and press the side triangles against it.
6. Use the blade tool to unstick, if glue has moved to the interior of the envelope.
Generic Tutorial for Gift Bag Assembly

1. Cut Pieces and Glue Side Seam

Cut out pieces and fold at crease lines. Items shown in photos are of the 12" fashion doll scale.

Glue the long side seam on the bag and press bond with your fingers or cotton swab.


2. Glue Bottom Tabs

Note: As of Dec 2005 the instructions changed to gluing the long tabs against the small end tabs. The reverse of what is shown in this photo.

4. Make Handles

Thread needle with embroidery floss, and knot end. For larger scale gift bags you can use thin ribbon or trim. Pull floss through from inside of bag. 

Note: Included in several of the kits are lengths of ribbon. Ribbon is somewhat easier to do. Cut a 1-1/2 length of ribbon and glue to the inside of the bag to create a handle. Repeat for other handle. There is a Gift Bag Stuffer tutorial that shows these types of handles.

5. Attach Tag

Thread tag onto floss.


6. Finish Handle

Pierce needle through next handle point and pull to desired handle length. Knot end of floss.

Repeat instructions for other handle.


7. Tissue Stuffing

See the Gift Bag Stuffing tutorial.

Candy Box Assembly
1.  Cut out pieces to box.
2. Fold box top and bottom at natural points. Review the photo for guidance.
3. Paint glue to colored sides of the box top and box bottom tabs. Press against the blank box surface of the respective side.
4. Paint glue to blank sides of the sides lining panels. Fold down to inside of box and use tweezers on crease when making the bonds. This will ensure that the crease is as tight as possible and the top will then fit over the box bottom.
5. Fold down the four sides of the fake tray with faux doily and place inside the box. The sides may need to be trimmed down, if you want more space between the tray and the top edge of the box. 
6. See the candy tutorial if you want to make your own.


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