How to Assemble a Candy Box
This is a retired Paper Minis project. It will remain here as a tutorial for those of you who made the purchase.

Although each box in this collection is a unique shape, the assembly shown in this tutorial can be applied to the assembly of each.

1. Cut out all pieces and crease along all tab lines. Use a “quick grab” craft glue with flat artist’s brush and apply glue to box base tabs. Attach box side panels and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Repeat the step above and glue box lid side panels in the same manner.
  3. Glue side panel tabs to the respective sides of box lid. Clamp with a black office binder clip, if needed until dry.
  4. Repeat above step for side panels of main box.
  5. Glue down the side panel lips. These add strength to the box and give it a “finished” appearance.
  6. Box is complete!
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