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I have the utmost respect for the food artisans who know how to make luscious mini food and candy out of polymer clay. Alas, my fingers are not nimble enough to pursue that art. For those of you who are in the same boat as I, below is a tutorial for the cheater's way to mini candy. Note: I used Crayola Model Magic for the candy base shape and shiny dimensional fabric paint to create the faux candy look. I bet any self-dry clay will work.

Candy: If you are using the pre-printed candy tray, use a clear dimensional compound (such as Plaid's Dimensional Magic) and place a small (as in tiny) drop to each printed bonbon.

1 If you would like to make your own candy, here is a "cheaters" way to make candy. Form tiny bits of Crayola Magic (everything is magic)  into twelve pieces of candy. Mine are too circular, so the finished product looks more like chocolate olives. I should have made a flatter base. I also should have taken care to make them more uniform in size. Once dried, place a dot of shiny brown dimensional fabric paint to a piece of cling plastic or waxed paper and stick the little candies in the dot. This will hold your candy in place while you work.

2. Use a toothpick to help you coat each candy piece with shiny fabric paint. I used two different colors: hot chocolate brown and dark brown (milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate).
3. This is another version of the above candies. I found that the candy expanded upward when drying, so I flattened the formed balls. Now these look more like chocolate covered cherries. They are more uniform in size.

4. Next I added either a pink or red dollop on each piece of candy. Then let each candy dry thoroughly.

5. Since I used cling plastic, I had to detail cut around each candy piece. Below is the finished product from the second set of candy I made. Obviously, I didn't use a colored dollop on these.

On my second set, I uses a piece of clear plastic as my work surface. The candies popped right off of the plastic.

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