Paper Minis™ Version 4 Generic Book Assembly

Required tools and supplies:

  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • A thin metal straight-edge ruler. Make clean creases by pressing against edge of the ruler.
  • Tweezers
  • Good cutting mat
  • Detailing scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
  • Artist's paint brush to apply glue
  • Small black office clips


1.  NOTE: the book does not match, but the assembly is exactly the same. Cut out the page strips/panels (number of strips/panels may vary from book to book). Fan fold all page strips taking care that the raw edges line up perfectly.

If there is a little tab found at the end of a panel, glue that to the back blank side of the respective panel of pages.


2.  Use the glue stick and carefully add a layer of glue to the back side of the first strip. Make sure to reach the edges of the strip. DO NOT PAINT GLUE TO BACKS OF THE ‘END PAPERS’ A.K.A. 'END BOARDS' that are located at the end of  two of the strips. This is the only step that requires the use of the glue stick.

3. One-by-one, press the blank sides of the pages together. Be careful to align the raw edges of the pages as perfectly as possible.

4.  Press all the fan-folded sections into a black binder clip. Use a scrap piece of cardstock paper to place under the clamps of the clip to avoid damaging/denting the book pages. Generously paint glue to the exposed spine, and allow to dry thoroughly.

Note: if you are pressed for time while assembling the Antique Library of Books Kit of 26 books, you can elect to skip this step.

5.  Move now to the book's cover and fold the four perimeter edges. Try to crease the folds exactly along the fold lines. Use the metal straight-edge ruler to press a clean straight crease. Paint glue the edges and press down.

Note: If you are making the 26 books kit, you may want to use the glue stick for this step.

6.  Use the straight-edge ruler and press creases along both edges of the spine area along the guidelines found on the printed side of the cover.


7.  This and the next step is a one-chance exercise, so you may want to test the positioning of the end boards and pages into the cover before applying the glue. Paint glue to the blank surfaces of the two loose end boards and another layer to the spine area.

For the Antique Library of Books Kit, I found that because there was a small number of pages per book, I could use the glue stick for this step. However, I can say with some certainty that over time the pages will pop away from the book cover because glue stick does loose its grip over time.

8.  Try to position the center of the spine to the center of the book cover. Working outward, smooth the contact of the end boards to the book cover. 

9. Last step is to put on the dust jacket. Start at the spine, and center the dust jacket's spine text to the spine of the book. Holding the jacket in place, fold under the end flaps.

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