Paper Minis™ Version 7 Book Assembly
Tiny Beatrix Potter Books and Storage Box
Required tools and supplies:
- X-acto knife and fresh blade
- A thin metal straightedge ruler. Make creases by pressing against edge of the ruler.
- Tweezers and detailing scissors
- Good cutting mat (cardboard will shred your pieces along the cut lines)
- 1 small office binder clip
- Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear
- Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
- Slender artist's paintbrush to apply glue
- A glue stick
For box: fine grit sandpaper and tube cement for plastic surfaces.

1. Take the green cover and carefully fold the eight perimeter tabs. Use the straightedge to fold against.

2. Use the paintbrush and glue down the perimeter tabs on all three covers. After glue has completely dried, use the straightedge ruler and create a spine on the cover by pressing creases along both the front and back of the spine area.

3. Take the page panels and glue the connecting tabs between each book’s two panels. Very carefully accordian-fold the pages making certain that the raw edges line up perfectly. Note: some book may have just the one strip of pages.

4. Next, carefully add a layer of glue to the back side of a strip. Just do a few pages at a time in conjunction with step 5. Use a piece of scrap paper on which to work and to keep your panels clean. DO NOT PAINT GLUE TO END BOARDS! 

5. One-by-one, press the blank sides of the pages together. Be careful to align the raw edges of the pages as perfectly as possible.


6. Pinch the fan-folded pages and carefully line up the stack's perimeter edges. Clip pages with the binder clip leaving the spine side exposed. If you would like to prevent the clips from denting the book's pages, sandwich a lightweight piece of cardboard between the clips and the book. Use the artist's brush to paint a thick, even coat of glue to the length of the pages at the spine. Set aside to dry thoroughly. 

7. Remove the clip from the pages bundle and position inside the cover to ensure the fit is good. Then paint glue to the back sides of the end boards and spine area. Use plenty of glue so that it does not dry immediately, for you want to have time to position the pages within the book cover. Carefully place the pages inside the book’s cover and smooth bond. 

8. Position the dust jacket over the spine. Crease the flaps against the book cover’s edges. 

9. Cut out storage box and scuff tabs with very fine grit sandpaper.

10. Apply a plastic cement to the tabs and create a box.

11. Use the fast-grab, quick dry tabs to glue the perimeter tabs.

12. Press the tabs with a pair of tweezers.

13. Allow to dry completely before inserting books into storage box.

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