bc011 ~ The Magic Changelings Book Tutorial

- Medium close-up of book
- Large close-up of book

- Medium close-up
Large close-up


Required tools and supplies:

  • X-acto knife and fresh blade

  • A thin metal straight-edge ruler and/or fine bone folder. Make fold lines by pressing against edge of the ruler.

  • Tweezers, detailing scissors

  • Good cutting mat

  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear as well as a glue stick

  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot

  • Black metal office clip

  • Small and medium-flat artist's paint brushes to apply glue


1. Cut out all pieces and fold the box accordingly.

2. Paint-glue the corner tabs found on both the top and bottom box pieces.

3. Adhere the tabs to the interior blank surfaces of the box pieces. Use tweezers to get a good bond.

4. Paint-glue the fold-down lining panels. Use tweezers to squeeze the crease line. This helps ensure that the lid will fit.

5. Note the flap on the end of the box lid. Paint-glue this flap to the exterior surface of the back of the box. This creates a false hinged lid.

6. Make sure that the top and bottom lining panels fit well. Paint-glue the panels in place.

7. Take the book cover and fold the four sides along crease lines. Paint-glue into place.

8. Fold along the white dotted lines to form the spine. Paint-glue the end boards as shown.

9. Stack pages and clip. Paint a thick coat of glue to the spine area. Allow to dry thoroughly.

10. Take the dried stack and add another layer of glue. Position the stack along the spine area. DO NOT CLOSE!

11. Prop the book as shown above. If the book is closed before the glue dries, the first and last pages will glue to the cover.

12. The last step is putting on the dust jacket. Line up the spine label with the book and hold in place. Carefully fold flaps around the book’s edges.

13. The second set of Changelings are for you to make and store in the matching box. Detailed instructions are on the book’s second page.
Fold at feet and fold at dotted lines where the “A” tabs are. Glue back of legs together. Then glue the back of the lamb’s head to the back of the other lamb’s head. Glue the back of Mary’s head to the other Mary’s head.

14. ...and there you have it, a Changeling!

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