bc006 ~ The Paper Minis' Foldout Book of Victorian-Era Dollhouses Tutorial

- Medium close-up of book
- Large close-up of book

- Medium close-up of book
Large close-up of book


Required tools and supplies:

  • X-acto knife and fresh blade

  • A thin metal straight-edge ruler and/or bone folder. Make fold lines by pressing against edge of the ruler.

  • Tweezers, detailing scissors

  • Good cutting mat

  • 3 small black office clip

  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear as well as a glue stick

  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot

  • Slender artist's paint brush to apply glue

  • Glue stick. I don't normally use glue stick, but it works best on back-to-back book pages such that are found in this kit.



1. Cut out the main piece. Notice that the two taller panels have been cut apart. 




2. Fold according to the photo. The floorings must be folded diagonally down their middle. Fold at the base of each wall. Fold down the center line of paired walls.

3. Flip the piece over and position as shown in the photo. Apply glue stick glue only to the panel shown in the photo. That is the blank side of the kitchen half that is shortest.



4. Press the glue wall panel to the blank side of it's paired wall. That is the toilet half of the bathroom. You can't see it in this photo since it is on the back side.


5. Repeat the previous 2 steps until you have three paired walls. Only the two tallest walls will be left. DO NOT GLUE TALL WALLS TOGETHER.

6. Fold the book together as shown. This is in preparation of gluing spine pages together. The floor panels must be folded downward (you can see the white triangles in the photo). This keeps the floors from being accidentally glued into spine.

Make sure that you are pinching the correct side of the book. Compare the orientation of your illustrations to the ones in the photo here.

7. Secure the tops and bottoms of the pages with clips as shown. Use the small artist's brush and carefully apply glue to the edges of the unclipped side. Take care not to allow glue to seep to the inside surfaces of the pages. Set aside and allow to dry thoroughly.

8. Carefully cut out the heavyweight book cover and fold as shown. Included in the kit is a lightweight cover. That is for you to use as backup. If you, over time, over bend the heavyweight cover it will show signs of wear. I suggest that if this happens, carefully glue the lightweight cover over the surface of the original heavyweight cover.

9. Cut the ribbon in half and glue each to the inside surface of the heavyweight cover. This will serve as the tie to hold the book shut as well as to hold the book open at a 360 degree four-room dollhouse.

10. Apply a generous coat of glue to the entire interior surface of the heavyweight book cover.

11. Position the front heavyweight cover carefully over and aligned with the living room's tall panel. Press in place and bond.

Carefully align the back heavyweight cover over the kitchen's tall panel. Press in place and bond.

Note that the floor panels are still folded downwardly.

12. Make sure that the pages separate from each other.

13. Fold the floors upward so they are sandwiched within the rooms

14. Tie a bow to hold book closed. Trim bow ends as needed, but remember to leave enough to retie.

15. The book will open and tie at a 360 degrees to reveal the four rooms. Please be aware that, as with anything this small, overworking joints will denigrate the product.
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