bc002 ~ Blue-Beard Pantomime Toy Book Tutorial
Required tools and supplies:
  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • A thin metal straight-edge ruler. Make fold lines by pressing against edge of the ruler.
  • Tweezers, detailing scissors
  • Good cutting mat
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear, and a glue stick
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
  • Slender artist's paint brush to apply glue
  • 2 small black office clips


1.  Cut out all pieces. DO NOT CUT FRONT AND BACK COVERS APART!!!

Take the pages that have a white rectangle and use the blade tool to carefully cut out each rectangle.




2. Fold all pages exactly in two. DO NOT GLUE SHUT THE WINDOW PAGES AS IN THE NEXT STEPS.

Fold in half the color pages that do not have cut out rectangles. Use a glue stick to glue front to back of pages as shown. It is advisable to use a glue stick, for wet glue will rumple the pages.

3.  Fold in half the moving inserts. Use the glue stick to glue front to back of each page.

4. Take the wet glue and slender artist's paint brush paint a very, very thin line of glue to the two long edges of the page. The photo is difficult to see the glue, but it is the shiny slender line along the two edges.

5.  Carefully bond the page shut against the glue. Next take the blade tool and cut the finger groove along the closed end as indicated by the darker color. Use the blade to separate the front from the back of the "envelope."
Let these pages dry thoroughly before going to the next step.

6.  Try to slip your first insert into its page. If it doesn't fit correctly, use a metal ruler and blade tool to "shave" off a little less than a millimeter off both the top and bottom edges. Take the same amount off the top and the bottom.

 These will need to be done in most cases. Trim a little at a time until the insert slides in nice and easy.

7.  Move the tab in and out several times to ensure that it moves with ease.

8.  Pull the moving panels out as far as possible. Stack the pages in order and include the text pages. Line up the edges that will fit into the spine.

Wrap two pieces of stiff paper around long edges and secure with two small black office clips. The stiff paper will ensure the clips don't dent the pages.

9. Here you see the moving pages are a bit shorter that the text pages. The tabs take the balance of length. I don't mean for you to take the clips off, just showing text pages are longer.

10.  Paint glue along spine (nice thick coat) and allow to dry thoroughly.

11. Use a metal straight-edge ruler and fold the six panels of the glossy cover. Take care to make the diagonal seams meet each other's edge. Please don't over-work folds or the color on the paper will eventually flake off.


12.  Use the paint brush and paint glue to the tabs and carefully glue into place. Try not to get glue on the glossy surface--it doesn't come off!

13.  Take the matte paper spine and place it over the center area between the front and back cover. Paint glue on the blank side of the spine and glue into place. Make sure the glue is to the edge of the spine, so that it does not separate from the cover.

14. Fold over the little tabs and glue into place. Allow the spine to dry completely.

15. Use a ruler's edge and crease on either side of the spine's tabs.

16. Glue the inner leaves/lining to the inside covers.

17. Paint another layer of glue to the spine area of the book pages.

18. Carefully center and place page bundle to the unfinished area of the inner spine of cover. DO NOT CLOSE BOOK!
Prop the book loosely between two items. I use the wide space between the keys of the PC keyboard. The point is to keep the spine in contact with the pages without closing the book's cover. If the book cover is closed against the pages, you risk getting glue on the front and final pages of the book--and that would ruin the pages.

19. Wrap dust cover at spine, making sure that the title on dust cover is centered to spine of the book.

20. Press against dust cover at book edges. This will give you easy folding guides. Tuck dust cover flaps in place. The book is complete!
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