bc201 ~ Children's Object Book Tutorial
Required tools and supplies:
  • X-acto knife and fresh blade
  • A thin metal straight-edge ruler. Make fold lines by pressing against edge of the ruler.
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting mat
  • Detailing scissors
  • Fast-grab, quick-dry white craft glue that dries clear
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to use as a glue pot
  • Artist's paint brush to apply glue
  • Small black office clip



1. Cut out all pieces. Fan fold the three page panels as shown. The first page is not as wide as the following pages.


2. Use a glue stick and coat the blank side of the first set of page panels. Carefully fold the pages pressing the glued blank sides together as shown in the following photo.

3. Repeat for all three panels.

4. Stack three sets of pages in order and pinch with a small black office clip. Place a piece of heavy paper under the clip so as not to damage the pages with the clip. Paint a thick layer of glue to the entire length of the spine edge of the pinched pages. Allow glue to dry thoroughly.

5. Find the fold guidelines on each page and fold the pages as shown here.


6. Gather book cover and spine together. Carefully take the spine and paint glue to its blank surface. Glue directly to the cover piece. Fold and glue the spine tabs to the inside of the cover. NOTE: there is a spare cover with the spine built into it. If you donít like the looks of the first cover, use the spare before gluing the coverís end boards.

7. Fold the six edges of the book cover. Take care to make the diagonal seams meet each other's edge. Glue into place.

8. Glue the coverís end boards to the inside of the covers. Leave the spine area open.

9. Paint another layer of glue to the spine area of the book pages.

10. Carefully center and place page bundle to the unfinished area of the inner spine of cover. DO NOT CLOSE BOOK! Notice how the book is propped between the keys of the PC keyboard. The point is to keep the spine in contact with the pages without closing the book's cover and risk gluing the cover shut permanently.

11. Wrap dust cover at spine, making sure that the title on dust cover is centered to spine of the book.

12. Press against dust cover at book edges. This will give you easy folding guides. Tuck dust cover flaps in place.

13. The book is complete!
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