a1is020a ~ Butterfly Collection and Display Box, and
a1is020b ~ Moth Collection and Display Box

Tools for Assembling Paper Mini’s Kit:

  • Metal straight-edge (ruler). Make fold lines by pressing against the edge of the ruler.
  • White craft glue that is a “quick grab” “clear dry” type of glue.
  • Tweezers
  • X-acto blade tool and fresh blade
  • A true cutting mat
  • cotton tipped swab
  • Small artist brush with which to paint on glue
  • Small piece of aluminum foil to squeeze work glue onto. This will act as your glue pot
  • Scissors
  • Small detailing scissors, a.k.a. as embroidery snips
  • Small black office clips

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This is a contraption I thought up for making exact folds on printies. The $2 clamps firmly hold a metal straight edge ruler against my work table. Life now is so much easier!

This is the main box piece that has been folded. The four corner tabs must be glued before gluing down the facing in the next step.

Once the four tabs are completely dry, fold down and glue the box sides' facing panels.

Fold the shadow box's frame in half, and glue blank sides together. Wait until the glue is dry, then cut out the white center piece. Special note: when you cut into a wet item it will tear!

Use the pattern included on the project page and cut the piece of clear acetate to fit the shadow box's frame. Place a thin line of glue along the four edges of the plastic.

Glue plastic to the under side of the shadow box's frame (your choice of sides).

Separate the butterflies (or moths) as shown in this photo. Use an X-acto blade knife to cut the little notches away from the butterfly. This is much easier than using scissors all the way around. Use little detailing scissors to cut the rest of the outline.

If you prefer, included on the project page is a set of butterflies that are flat and don't need cutting.

Mount The cut moths/ butterflies on the blank backing sheet. To raise the items up off of the sheet, I used poster clay adhesive. This is sold to hang posters on the wall without damaging the poster or the wall. That is what the little blue ball is in the photo. Place the mounted insects into the shadow box.

Take the "Large Tab" and fold at the designated point. Place a layer of glue on the back side of the shadow box, and adhere the "Large Tab" to it. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Next, place a layer of glue to the folded panel of the "Large Tab".

Glue the underside of the shadow box's window frame to this folded panel. Carefully line up the frame to the box. You may need to straighten sides. Use detailing scissors to trim any exposed "folded panel."

If you decide to use the real wood molding included in the kit, there is a pattern you can use and it is found on this project's page.

Use a wood stain to finish the wood. I used Minwax Colonial Maple 223 in an 8 fl. oz. can.

Glue the stained wood molding to the existing paper frame.


Here is a sample photo of the completed project with wood frame.


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