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 Girl Doll Scale Printie CDs
 and eMail Digital Files
 1:3 Scale or 16-18" Dolls
All designs found on this Paper Minis page are original copyrighted artwork and/or original copyrighted derivative artwork held exclusively by Paper Minis and Ann Vanture. The projects are intended for personal use only.

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 Activities Category


Girl Doll 1:3 scale: garden bulb packs

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Pine bark mulch and potting soil

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: flower seed packets

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: vegetable seed packs

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: garden catalog and powders

agd004 ~ Contemporary Gardening

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD


agd025 ~ The Bakery/La Pâtisserie

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD



Classical LP Records

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale
eMailed Digital File

edigagd028 ~ Classical LP Records
Disks are 3.5"across
Description: emailed digital file includes 6 LP record jackets and double-sided faux LP records of classical music. Composers include: Bach, Ravel, Moussorgsky, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart. Record company labels represent RCA Victor, DECCA, London Westminster.

A 3.5" circle paper punch is just the right size for punching out the records (it's a rare punch, but out there). To improve on the finished product, use a black felt tip pen on the edge of each record disk.



Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Dolly scrapbook

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Dolly scrapbook sample pages

bgd019 ~ My Dolly Scrapbook

Covers for all languages found on CD:
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD


1:3 scale 4-book McLoughlin Bros. Set

American Girl Doll with 4-book set

bcgd303 ~ 4-Book Boxed Collection of McLoughlin Brothers Children's Classics:
~ Jack and the Bean Stalk circa 1872
~ Little Miss Muffet circa 1882
~ The Story of the Three Bears circa 1897
~ Hey Diddle Diddle (The Cat and the Fiddle) circa 1905
Size: 53mmw x 70mmh x 6mmd (book cover each)

Set of four picture books includes a storage box to protect against wear and tear. The illustrations could not be more rich in color and detail. The McLoughlin Brothers were absolute genius at selecting the best illustrators. These are not original to a book set, but are a collection of some of their best illustrations.  Only the Little Miss Muffet contains text nursery rhymes.

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD


 Festive Category

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Nativity creche

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: nativity storage box

fgd017d ~ 3-d Christmas Nativity Crèche and Storage box

Size: 10.5cmh x 22cmw x 6.5cmd,
or 4.25"hx8.75"wx2.5"d
Yes that is a battery powered little
led light in the manger! (not included)

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD
Christmas Nativity Crèche


3-d advent calendar

3-d advent calendar

fgd017f ~ 3-d Advent Calendar
(Vintage 1935 German)

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD
3-d Advent Calendar


 Household Category

Contemporary Croceries

hgd011ab ~ Contemporary Groceries

Description: Collection of contemporary food items: 6 faux cans, milk carton, orange juice carton, salt box, cake box, ice cream, raisins, spaghetti, macaroni, sugar, flour, butter, pudding, food coloring kit, chocolate cake and grocery bag to carry these groceries.

Tutorial: hfd011ab ~ Contemporary Groceries  and (can tutorial, use .5" punch)e photo tutorial:

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD


Chocolate Chip Raisn Oatmeal Cookies

edighgd027 ~ Chocolate Chip, Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Size: Milk carton is 83 mm tall

Description: Everything you need to make chocolate chip, raisin, oatmeal cookies is included in this kit including the recipe and the vanilla extract...and you have to drink milk with warm fresh baked cookies!

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale
eMailed Digital File


S'mores Making!

edighgd029 ~ S'mores Making!

Print file in PDF form emailed to you for making S'mores. Within the file are: candy bars, marshmallows and graham crackers. Tutorial for marshmallows is referenced in file.

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale
eMailed Digital File


 Toys Category

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Multiplication Cards

tgd001 ~ Vintage Multiplication Cards
with Storage Box

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD


Girl Doll Pin The Tail on The Donkey Game

tgd004 ~ Pin The Tail on The Donkey Game

Size: 9.5" x 7.6" and 241mm x 193mm (wall hanging)

Description: Partially lined lidded box, 6 numbered tails, wall game hanging. Wall game does not fit in box.

NOTE: tails are affixed to the game hanging in the photo and are not incorporated into the actual game hanging's artwork.

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale eMail Digital File


Vintage Twister Game

tgd008 ~ Vintage Twister Game

Description: Game box, spinner and spare pointer, MB advertisement (not shown in photos) and game sheet.

NOTE: Game sheet in photo is covered with matte clear contact plastic. Spinner needle is strengthen with clear Paper Effects. A sewing pin is used for spinner.

Girl Doll 1:3 Scale eMail Digital File



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