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  Paper Minis Announcement
Not quite a year ago I made available two variations of Paper Minis Kits: 1) The paper version I could send to you free of postage and handling, and 2) the version that included the paper items and the occasional wine bottle, wood, beads, shoes, cups etc., but required shipping and handling charges.

Having experimented with this system for months now, I discovered that overall customers preferred the paper-only version with free shipping and handling. Now I can move to the next step, which is to eliminate version 2.

However, before I eliminate all version 2s from the website, I will give you the chance to purchase those until the last day of July or when stock is exhausted. You will, as usual, receive an invoice for the required shipping and handling. So if you have thought about a purchase, now is the time to make it while supplies last.

To be clear, ribbon, tissue, book covers, fabrics will still be included in kits for the foreseeable future. These items are flat and do not change a letter to a parcel.
  New Festive Table Setting Pre-Printed Kit (1:12 scale) 
Month 6. Halloween Party (pc1is088)

Plates are 1" and 3/4", centerpiece train cars are approximately 1” long x 1” tall x 5/8” wide
Halloween table setting
Month 6: Halloween
Detailed candy train
Up-close details of Candy Train
Click here for purchasing information of the Festive Table Series Collection
Click here for on-line tutorial

Download a pdf file of the Halloween tablecloth and napkins by clicking here. If you are not going to use a commercial fabric, here is an on-line tutorial for printing on fabric. The tablecloth has been designed so that it can be trimmed according to the size of your table.

Halloween linens

click here

  Featured Pre-Printed Kit (1:12 scale) 

Dollhouse miniature: Christmas Cards

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping


Dollhouse miniature: Advent Calendar

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping


Dollhouse Miniature: Holly Motif Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

dollhouse miniature: Holiday Puzzle Blocks

Pre-printed Kit (see descriptions)
without inner blocks

Qualifies for free shipping

All 4 Christmas in July
Pre-printed 1:12 scale kits

Sale $10.50

Qualifies for free shipping

Click here for gateway to 1:12 Dollhouse Scale kits


  Featured Pre-Printed Kit (1:6)

fashion doll/play scale: Christmas Nativity Crèche

Christmas in July!
3-d Christmas Nativity Crèche and Storage Box
Pre-printed kit for 1:6 scale

Qualifies for free shipping


  Featured Printie CD (1:3)
Girl Doll 1:3 scale: Nativity creche
Christmas in July!
18" Girl Doll 1:3 Scale Printie CD

Christmas Nativity Crèche and Storage Box

Qualifies for free shipping

 Click here for Gateway
 to Other Scales (not 1:12)

For your information:

1:3 scale is the scale for 18" dolls give or take an inch or so (printie CDs).

1:6 scale is the scale for 12" dolls give or take an inch or so.

1:12 scale is the scale for standard 1" scale dollhouses

1:24 scale is the scale for 1/2" or half inch scale dollhouses

1:48 scale is the scale for 1/4" or quarter inch scale dollhouses

   Paper Minis Monthly Subscriptions
Subscribe at any time and get a project each
month beginning with the first in the series
 Miniature Dioramas for Acrylic Ornaments 
Ornaments of miniature scenes animation
Ornament Slide Show
(5 second transition)
miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Presents Scene 1 miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Presents Scene 2
pc1is076: Ornament ~ Holly Motif Platform and Settings
For 80mm acrylic ornaments found in craft stores and on-line
(see ornaments pages for search tips)
subscription does not include 3-d add-ons

miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Presents Scene

Click here for Ornament Subscription Information

Click here for Ornaments kits including 3-d add-ons
 Classic I Book-of-the-Month Club
 (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale)

sample pages small
Sample pages from collection

Click here for Classic I Book-of-the-Month Club
subscription information
1 inch scale book: sample animal prints 1 inch scale book: Schubert's Animal Kingdom
Click here for description 

(all Paper Minis books contain readable text)

Click here for subscription information
 Classic II Book-of-the-Month Club
 (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale)
Sample pages from collection

Click here  for Classic II Book-of-the-Month Club
subscription information

1 inch scale book: Costumes of All Nations
Click here for description
Month 3 ~ Costumes of All Nations, 1889

(all Paper Minis books contain readable text)

Click here  for subscription information
 McLoughlin Brothers' Tales
 Book-of-the-Month Club (1:12 scale)
Mcloughlin collage of  pages-large
Sample pages from collection
Dollhouse scale miniature books: Mother Goose Gems
Boxed 3-volume Mother Goose Gems
Click here for McLoughlin Brothers Book-of-the-Month
Club subscription information

Dollhouse scale miniature book: Aladdin, Or The Wonderful Lamp
Month 3 ~ Aladdin, Or the Wonderful Lamp
(all Paper Minis books contain readable text)
 Walter Crane Illustrated
 Book-of-the-Month Club (1:12)
collage of Walter Crane pages
Sample pages from collection
Walter Crane book set
Free Completion Bonus
Set Includes: Pothooks and Perseverance,
Little Queen Anne, and Slate and Pencil
Click here for Walter Crane book-of-the-month club
subscription information

Month 3
An Alphabet of Old Friends

(text is readable as with all Paper Minis Books)
  Contemporary Collections 12-Month Subscription
 Available in Many Scales!

Dollhouse Miniatures: Reading is Fun-damental
Month 3 ~ Reading is Fun-damental Collection

12 collections and a completion bonus collection...hundreds of miniatures to completely stock a contemporary house! Like all Paper Minis these are very easy-to-assemble and a definite statement on our commercial culture.

Click here for small scales 1:12, 1:24, 1:48

Click here for fashion doll/playscale scale 1:6

Click here for girl doll scale 1:3


Man's Best Friend
Completion Bonus Collection
 Festive Holiday Table Settings Subscription (1:12) 

Easter Table Setting
Month 3 ~ Easter Dinner
Easter pitcher

Click here for subscription details

 Sampler-of-the-Month Subscription (1:12) 

Dollhouse 1" scale: pencil box, crayons, coloring book, color pencils
Click here for description
Month 3 ~ Classroom Desk Items

 Click here for subscription details 

This subscription is a nice cross-range collection of some of my favorite single kits (pre-printed and easy-to-make).  Click here for subscription details.

Dollhouse 1" scale: stamp album
Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit

 Click here for subscription details

 The Vintage Toy Shop Subscription (1:12 scale)
collage of toys for shop
Sample projects from collection

Click here for 12-month subscription information

dollhouse scale: Railroad Story Book
 Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit

Dollhouse scale: Medieval Castle front Dollhouse scale: Medieval Castle back

Month 3 ~ Medieval Castle
 Vintage Collections Subscription or Singles (1:12) 
collage of vintage display boxes
Samples from the Vintage Collections
NOTE: The empty boxes are available on the bonus printie CD
1" dollhouse scale: A Lady's Vanity and Toiletries Collections
A Lady's Vanity Collection
click here for single kit purchase
Click here for non-subscription purchase (3 pages of kits)

Click here
for 6- to 18-month
subscription information.
Go to end of that page.

  Complimentary Projects

The following are this month's newsletter highlighted complimentary projects. Only people on the mailing list have access to these downloadable projects available in different doll scales. Click here for information.




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