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  New Product Pre-Printed Kit (1:12)

vintage grocery signage

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

h1is024 ~ Vintage Grocery Store Signage
Size: 51mmhx40mmw (largest, Hershey Syrup) 2"x1.5"

Description: There are 21 signs in this collection with the largest found in the upper right hand corner. These signs are great for placing in a mini grocery window, against the cashier counter or on grocery walls up high perhaps. Printed on high-end, semi-gloss finished paper.

See groceries below for making a grocery store!


  New Product Preview Kit (1:12)
Here's a sneak peek at the last collection of the Festive Table Settings series. It's the table centerpiece for the Beatrix Potter Baby Shower Table Setting, and the characters do spin! Click here to see the first 8 collections. The Baby Shower will be available in the subscription next week. As you may know, start a Paper Minis subscription at any time and you'll receive the kits in the order they are shown on the web-pages.
Beatrix Potter Carousel
  New Product Pre-Printed Kit (1:12)

3d Vintage Advent Calendar

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

f1is017f ~ Vintage 3-d Advent Calendar
33mmhx25mmwx25mm (1" dollhouse scale/1:12)
Miniaturized recreation of 4-sided 1935 German advent calendar with updates and changes by Ann Vanture. Kit comes with 1 heavy weight outer shell, 1 optional laminated outer shell, backing-panel of window prizes, and faux panels for inside ‘courtyard’.

 Announcing The 2016/2017
 Paper Minis Gingerbread Contest!

Each year since 2007 Paper Minis sponsors a Christmas time contest.  Click on the following link to see all eight years from the following gateway page: Gateway to Paper Minis Christmas/New Year season contests' winners and contestants.

Sherelyn Nichol

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

2010-2011 Contest

JacLynne Smith

Ottowa, Illinois, U.S.A.

2010-2011 Contest

This year the contest will include all scales, and You may build your cottage any way you like. If you want, you may use my patterns found in the next frame below. Anything goes! Use paint, or pens, or fimo, or jewelry findings, or rhinestones, or bits of paper, or fabric, or icing, or whatever you like.

The only design restriction is you cannot use an entry that won a prize in another contest in any year, anywhere. I'm going to leave it to the viewers to keep this above board.

To participate you must:
1. Use my email address to send your submission by Wednesday, January 4, 2017.
2. Send me at least two photos of your creation (hopefully in focus)
3. Give me your name and location (city/state/country)
4. I need to know the finished height and the scale you used!

That's just 4 things!!

You may submit more than one entry, and you must to be on the Paper Minis mailing.

Entry photos must get to me by Wednesday, January 4, 2017. That gives you the winter holidays to make your gingerbread house...but do not put it off until the last minute!! Your entry will be voted on by your peers (newsletter recipients)--please do not be self-conscious! Voters have always been very kind and supportive. In a way every entry is a winner because every single entry gets kudos from the voters.

First Prize: $75 of Paper Minis Products of your choice*
Second Prize: $50 of Paper Minis Products of your choice*
Third Prize: $25 of Paper Minis Products of your choice*

*I will allow subscription products for the winners.
  Featured Pre-Printed Kits (1:12 scale) 

Dollhouse miniature: Vintage Canned Goods

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

h1is014 ~ Vintage Canned Goods
Size: 11mmhx9mmw (can)

Description:  These vintage reproduction canned goods are in perfect detail. Unlike modern day cans, these are richly colored works of art. All are printed on very high quality semi-gloss artist paper. Lids are faux.

pc1is034 Vintage Kitchen Cupboard Collection

Size: 17mmh x 10mmw (Oatmeal Box)
Not including: Cupboard and Chair

1" dollhouse scale:Vintage Kitchen Cupboard Collection
Vintage Kitchen Cupboard Collection

1" dollhouse scale: vinages boxed food and cleaning items
1" dollhouse scale:  faux vintage cook books
1" dollhouse scale: kitchen canned food
1" dollhouse scale: kitchen canned food 2
1" dollhouse scale: bags of sugar and potatoes

Description: All the kitchen items in this collection are derived from actual vintage food items and cookbook covers. The following items are included:

- 12 boxed food and laundry items
- 5 pound flour package
- Quaker Rolled White Oats round box
- 21 canned foods
- 5 cookbooks with faux inner pages
- 2 fabric bulk bags for potatoes and sugar

Click here to see on-line photo-tutorial.

Non-subscription purchase-Worldwide

pc1is034 ~ Vintage Kitchen Cupboard Collection

Qualifies for free shipping

Click here for gateway to 1:12 Dollhouse Scale kits


   Paper Minis Monthly Subscriptions
Subscribe at any time and get a project each
month beginning with the first in the series
 Miniature Dioramas for Acrylic Ornaments
 Pre-Printed kits (may be used as 1:12 miniatures)
Ornaments of miniature scenes animation
Ornament Slide Show
(5 second transition)
miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Nativity Scene 1 miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Nativity Scene 2

pc1is081: Ornament ~ 3-d Christmas Nativity Crèches
(one on each side)

Size: for 100mm acrylic ornament (NOT INCLUDED)

miniature diorama ornament: Christmas Nativity Scene

Click here for Ornament Subscription Information

Click here for Single Ornaments kits

 Paper Minis Cubby Project  8-month Subscription for
 1:12 Dollhouse Scale Pre-printed, Easy-to-make Kits

Click here for more information and many detailed photographs.
1" scale cubby project: Finished and closed
1" scale cubby project: Finished
(metal, plastic and wood items are staging items)
  1" scale cubby project: shelves, furniture and painted
Free CD is given as bonus for
subscription sign-up. Includes
what is shown in photo:
Staging Furniture
1" scale cubby project: Vintage Sewing Studio
Month 5: Vintage Sewing Studio
Click here
for more information

 Classic I Book-of-the-Month Club
 Pre-Printed Kits
 (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale)

sample pages small
Sample pages from collection

Click here for Classic I Book-of-the-Month Club
subscription information

1 inch scale book: The Delineator Magazine for Women
Click here for description

Month 8 ~ The Delineator Magazine for Women
(Selections from November 1901 Issue and various other issues)

Click here for subscription information

 Classic II Book-of-the-Month Club
 Pre-Printed Kits
 (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale)
Sample pages from collection

Click here  for Classic II Book-of-the-Month Club
subscription information

1 inch scale book: My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook in 5 languages
Click here for description
Month 8 ~ My Little Dolls’ Scrapbook Book
Cover Art Available in Dutch, English,
French, German or Spanish

Click here  for subscription information
 McLoughlin Brothers' Tales
 Pre-Printed Kits
 Book-of-the-Month Club (1:12 scale)
Mcloughlin collage of  pages-large
Sample pages from collection
Dollhouse scale miniature books: Mother Goose Gems
Boxed 3-volume Mother Goose Gems
Click here for McLoughlin Brothers Book-of-the-Month
Club subscription information

Dollhouse scale miniature book: Hare and The Tortoise
Month 9 ~ Hare and The Tortoise

(all Paper Minis books contain readable text)

 Walter Crane Illustrated
 Book-of-the-Month Club (1:12)
 Pre-Printed Kits
collage of Walter Crane pages
Sample pages from collection
Walter Crane book set
Free Completion Bonus
Set Includes: Pothooks and Perseverance,
Little Queen Anne, and Slate and Pencil
Click here for Walter Crane book-of-the-month club
subscription information

The Frog Prince
Month 8 ~ The Frog Prince

(text is readable as with all Paper Minis Books)
  Contemporary Collections 12-Month Subscription
 Available in Many Scales!

Dollhouse miniatures: Media Extravaganza Collection
Month 8 ~ Media Extravaganza Collection
Click here for small scales 1:12, 1:24, 1:48

12 collections and a completion bonus collection...hundreds of miniatures to completely stock a contemporary house! Like all Paper Minis these are very easy-to-assemble and a definite statement on our commercial culture.

fashion doll/play scale: Stock the Kitchen collection
Month 9 ~ Stock the Kitchen

Click here for fashion doll/playscale scale 1:6

Girl Doll 1:3 scale: My Backpack is too Heavy! Collection
Month 10 ~ My Backpack is too Heavy!

Click here for girl doll scale 1:3


Man's Best Friend
 Festive Holiday Table Settings Subscription (1:12)
 Pre-Printed Kits

Christmas Tablle Setting
Month 8 ~ Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Click here for subscription details

 Sampler-of-the-Month Subscription (1:12)
 Pre-Printed Kits

Dollhouse 1" scale: Aesops Fables Book
Click here for description
Month 8 ~ Aesop's Fables

Text is readable!

 Click here for subscription details 

This subscription is a nice cross-range collection of some of my favorite single kits (pre-printed and easy-to-make).  Click here for subscription details.

Dollhouse 1" scale: stamp album
Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit

 Click here for subscription details

 The Vintage Toy Shop Subscription (1:12 scale)
 Pre-Printed Kits
collage of toys for shop
Sample projects from collection

Click here for 12-month subscription information

dollhouse scale: Railroad Story Book
 Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit

Dollhouse scale: McLoughlin Brothers Pretty Village and map base
Month 8 ~ McLoughlin Brothers Pretty Village
 Vintage Collections Subscription or Singles (1:12)
 Pre-Printed Kits
collage of vintage display boxes
Samples from the Vintage Collections
NOTE: The empty boxes are available on the bonus printie CD
1" dollhouse scale: Beatrix Potter Nursery Collection
Beatrix Potter Nursery Collection
click here for single kit purchase
Click here for non-subscription purchase (3 pages of kits)

Click here
for 6- to 18-month
subscription information.
Go to end of that page.

  Complimentary Projects

The following are this month's newsletter highlighted complimentary projects. Only people on the mailing list have access to these downloadable projects available in different doll scales. Click here for information.


Don't miss my collection of miniature circus photos

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