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  Halloween Sale! (1:12 scale) 

dollhouse miniature: Jointed Halloween Creatures

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

dollhouse miniature: A Halloween Party

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

SALE! 2 Pre-printed Kits

Halloween Party 1:12 scale
$7.10  (regularly priced)
$5.98 Sale


  New Product Announcement (1:12 scale) 

Macao et Cosmage

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

b1is024 ~ Macao et Cosmage
ou L'Experience de Bonheur
Published in Paris Aux Editions de la Nouvelle Revue Francaise, (1919)

30mmw x 32mmh x 13mmd (in laminated box)

Description: 56 pages, cloth binding laminated front piece and back panel, laminated storage box. This is my first French book and I am so happy that I was able to get this many pages in one volume.

This is a very important book in the history of children’s books and was a significant break from the romantic styles of say Dulac and Rackham. What’s so astonishing is Edy was only 18 years old when he accomplished this milestone in illustrated literature. Inspired by his travels to Morocco, the colors are bold and rich. Every square folio was hand-colored with stencils known as ‘pochoir’. Unfortunately, printed on inexpensive paper and as a result it is rare to find a copy in good condition today.

Each page in this volume has been cleaned up and the colors enriched to their original state. Text was not re-set in this particular book because so much of Edy's writing was incorporated into the artwork.

  New Product Announcement (1:12 scale) 

Gardening ornament in acrylic globe

Pre-printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

pc1is082: Ornament ~ Vintage Gardening and Platform

Size: for 100mm acrylic ornament (NOT INCLUDED)
Flowers in cache pot not included

Description: A microcosm of beautiful vintage style gardening products. Kit includes four vintage style gardening bulb packages designed using antique botanical lithographs as the cover art. Back sides of packages have print instructions for planting. Two lidded boxes for gardening products. Beautiful boxes display true vintage garden product lithographic artwork. Flip-top display box with 2 faux seed packs on display insert. Set comes with 6 packs displaying antique flowers seed artwork. Flip-top display box with 2 faux seed packs on display insert. Set comes with 6 packs displaying antique vegetable seed artwork. Three reproduction seed catalogs with faux blank pages and a blue and white cache pot. The platform reverse displays various seed company posters.

Click here for ornament tutorial
Tutorial is coming soon

Click here to visit the Ornaments page.

Vintage Gardening Ornament view 1
Vintage Gardening Ornament view 2
  New  Subscription Announcement (1:12 scale) 
Join the new Ornament of the week or month club and get the pre-printed paper kits* (printed on the finest like all Paper Minis kits) at a phenomenal price of only $7.98 per issue (12 total). That's for a commitment for all 12 kits. You may subscribe by the month or by the week. If you order by October 1, 2015 you will have all 12 ornaments by Christmas (mailing of the 12th ornament will be December 18, 2015).

If you have already purchased one or more ornament please let me know and I'll adjust your subscription accordingly ( )

Click here to visit the Ornament Subscription page.
Ornaments of miniature scenes animation
Ornament Slide Show
 Product Highlights
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fashion doll/play scale: Housepainter's Kit

Pre-Printed Kit
without wood for stir sticks

Qualifies for free shipping

Pre-Printed Kit
with wood for stir sticks

Requires Shipping & Handling
please read link


hfd019 ~ Housepainter's Kit
Size:  22mmh x 48mmw x 18mmd (sander box)

Description: 6 cans of paint and wood products, 2 wood and paper stir sticks, electric sander box, packet of sandpaper with 4 sheets of 2-sided sandpaper, 'jar' of wood filler, and can of wood finish.

This would be a fun collection to stage a new house, old house, or workshop!



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18" Girl Doll 1:3 Scale
Printie CD
The Bakery/La Pâtisserie

Qualifies for free shipping






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Half inch scale valentine collection with 3 in. doll
doll is 3" tall

Pre-Printed Kit

Qualifies for free shipping

Half inch scale valentines collection close-up


fhis004-5a ~  The Valentine Collection (1:24)
Collection includes everything in the photo, but the doll and candy.  This is a terrific value and includes everything you need to stage a Valentines setting.

Description: Collection includes the following list of goodies:

  • Desk caddy with vintage dove artwork on sides (see filled in back of photo)
  • Four vintage valentine post cards (2-sided)
  • Four larger folded vintage valentine cards with stamped envelopes.
  • Seven Valentine greeting cards and each envelope has a beautifully cancelled 3-cent stamp.
  • Two gift bags with tags and tissue paper. Strap is good for using on just a few of the envelopes
  • Lidded candy box with pretty insert with faux candy printed on it and alternate without candy print so you can make your own candy


 Printables CD of 1:12 Scale Wallpapers and More 

Here are some wallpaper samplings from the CD. Click here for more information about the Vol. 5, Ver. 4 Printie CD. Buying the latest version 4 gives you everything that was found on versions 1, 2 and 3 plus the new additions of version 4. NOTE: this is not a new product, but something that can enhance any of your miniature purchases.

Bright and Cheery
Wallpapers and Borders

Dollhouse scale wallpaper: art deco yellow Dollhouse scale wallpaper: art deco green Dollhouse scale wallpaper: art deco blue
Dollhouse scale wallpaper: art deco cherries 1 Dollhouse scale wallpaper: art deco cherries 2
Dollhouse scale wallpaper: william morris inspiration

Vol. 5, Ver. 4 ~ Paper Minis Printie CD
of Wall Coverings, and more (1:12)

If you use either an Apple computer or Windows 8 platform and are interested in purchasing this CD(s), please contact me at:

 Did You Purchase a Previous Version of the CD?
you bought a previous Vol. 5 Version 1, 2 or 3, you may purchase the upgrade at this reduced price. Version 4 is the current version. When you use this button you must also send me, via email, the original purchase date and name used for the purchase. Log on to your PayPal account to look up your PayPal purchases. If you ordered via mail order, please send me, via email, the date. If there is a problem supplying this information please email me at:

Vol. 5, UPGRADE to Version 4 from any Version ~
Paper Minis Printie CD of Wall Coverings, and more (1:12)


 Paper Minis Monthly Subscriptions

Subscribe at any time and get a project each
month beginning with the first in the series

 Classic I Book Club (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale) 

sample pages small

Yes the colors are as vibrant in these tiny jewel like books as they show here. I wish you could see how good the text looks, but it just doesn't look as good here in digital format. The text is re-set in a tiny readable font. News flash, the monthly subscription is as inexpensive for International customers as for U.S. customers--a mere $7.35 per month for these pre-printed (on high-end specialty papers--as are all Paper Minis) kits and that includes postage and tutorial! Click here for subscription information. You will find the bookcase/dollhouse on that page as well. So irresistible! By the way, these books are sold separately on the website at a slightly higher price.


Click here for subscription information
1 inch scale book: Sample Fruit and Floral Botanicals
1 inch scale book: Fruit & Floral Botanicals from 16th-19th century
Click here for description 
 Classic II Book Club (1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale) 


Similar in style to the Classic I Book Club. Scrumptious artwork and clear is readable, but if you are like me you will need a magnifier! This is also priced the same worldwide, so listen up international customers, only $7.35 per month (includes postage and tutorial)! Like all Paper Minis, these are pre-printed kits printed on high-end specialty papers. Click here for Subscription information. You will find the bookcase/dollhouse on that page as well. So cute and all the books will fit! BTW these books are sold separately on the website at a slightly higher price.


Click here for Subscription information

1" scale: My1st Picture Book & Alpha Stack Boxes
Click here
for description


 McLoughlin Brothers' Tales Book Club (1:12 scale)    
Mcloughlin collage of  pages-large
Sample pages from collection
Dollhouse scale miniature books: Mother Goose Gems
Boxed 3-volume Mother Goose Gems

This is a 24-book charming collection of turn-of-the-century McLoughlin Brothers children's books. These sweet books are my favorite of all children's illustrations. Each pre-printed kit stands a mere 1" high when assembled including the cover, dust jacket, laminated storage sleeve, and contains 12-16 pages. All text content has been re-typeset at an unbelievable and readable 1.2-2 point using several classical serif fonts! The worldwide price is a mere $5.98 (includes postage and tutorial). Click here for subscription information. You will find the bookcase/dollhouse on that page as well. So cute and all the books will fit! It is as cute as it is small.

bookcase dollhouse

Click here for subscription information
Dollhouse scale miniature book: Adventures of Tom Thumb
Adventures of Tom Thumb

 Walter Crane Illustrated Children's Book Club (1:12)    

collage of Walter Crane pages
Sample pages from collection

This also is a 24-volume collection of turn-of-the-century children's books; all illustrated by my second favorite children's artist, Walter Crane. These books are the same size as the McLoughlin collection and will fit the above dollhouse/bookcase. Each book has at least 16 pages (text and illustrations), has been re-typeset and possesses a dust jacket and laminated box sleeve. Worldwide price is a tiny $5.98 per month (includes postage and tutorial). Click here for subscription information.

Bonus Set
Pothooks and Perseverance

Bonus Set
Little Queen Anne

Bonus Set
Slate and Pencil
Boxed 3-volume

Click here for subscription information

Princess Belle Etoile

 The Cubby Collection Case Subscription (1:12)
1" scale cubby project: unfinished box
Step 1.
1" scale cubby project: shelves, furniture and painted
Step 2. Close-up
1" scale cubby project: Finished and closed
Step 3. Close-up

cubby animation
Cubby slide show. 5 second transition

A really fun project! Everything is included to populate the cubbies.
Step 1: purchase the case from $14.99
Step 2: Purchase the starter kit of wood and all the 3-d items needed for the entire 8 cubbies. Print the wallpaper, patterns and cubby props from CD and follow the tutorial to complete the cubbies. $26.98
Step 3: Each month for 8 months you will receive a pre-printed kit and tutorial to complete a cubby vignette. $11.50/per month

Click here for subscription information
 The Contemporary Collection-of-the-Month (all scales)

Contemporary Breakfast Collection
MONTH 1: Breakfast Glory Collection

12 collections and a completion bonus collection...hundreds of miniatures to completely stock a contemporary house! Like all Paper Minis these are very easy-to-assemble and a definite statement on our commercial culture. Each monthly collection is a low-priced $6.50 per small scales pre-printed kit (shipping included worldwide), $7.98 for fashion doll/playscale, $7.50 for girl doll scale (this scale comes on printie CD).

Click here for small scales 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 Contemporary Collections subscription info

Click here for fashion doll scale 1:6 Contemporary Collections subscription info

Click here for girl doll scale 1:3 Contemporary Collections subscription info

Man's Best Friend
Completion Bonus Collection

 Sampler-of-the-Month Subscription (1:12) 
Gardening Miniatures
Click here for description

This is a collection of some of my favorite single kits (pre-printed and easy-to-make). The selection is a nice cross-range of miniatures at a reduced average price of only $4.25/month. This is worldwide and includes postage. Click here for subscription details.
Dollhouse 1" scale: stamp album
Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit

 Click here for subscription details

 The Vintage Toy Shop Subscription (1:12 scale)
collage of toys for shop

Stock a toy shop easily with this collection of vintage toys. This was my favorite of design challenges. I wanted the toys to look complex yet easy-to-make. Where ever I felt there might be a little bit of a challenge in assembly, I have included spare parts for you. Twelve months of fun pre-printed kits and a bonus for only $4.25/month (shipping is included) worldwide.

Click here for 12-month subscription information
dollhouse scale: Railroad Story Book
 Sign-up bonus pre-printed kit
Dollhouse scale toy shop: Little Red Riding Hood's Cottage

 Vintage Collections Subscription (1:12) 
collage of vintage display boxes
Samples from the Vintage Collections
This subscription is handled a little differently. You can choose the pre-printed kits you want in your subscription (a minimum of 6) or just pick one at a slightly higher priced. These collections took me years of designing and I like that they all fit in little frame-able boxes (5"x7"), proving you don't need a doll house to take up your real estate! Hang them on a wall if need be. Subscribers get the CD as a sign-up bonus containing patterns for display boxes, wallpaper, some props like the fireworks stall, plus a photo tutorial as a sign-up bonus.

Click here
for non-subscription purchase (3 pages of kits)

Click here for 6- to 18-month
subscription information.
Near end of that page.
Dollhouse scale: Fireworks Stand
Sample from the Bonus Printie CD

1" dollhouse scale:
Victorian Gardening Collection
  Complimentary Projects

The following are this month's newsletter highlighted complimentary projects. Only people on the mailing list have access to these downloadable projects available in different doll scales.


bubble gum


halloween candy


Click here for closer view
Boo Boy  This project is a past collaboration between Kathi Mendenhall of La Petite Belle Patterns, and myself. Though the candy pails and candy are my creations, Kathi actually conceptualized the project and made the little "Boo Boy" and leotard style costume.  All elements are available to newsletter subscribers.

Don't miss my collection of miniature circus photos

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