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Paper Minis Copyright Information/Rules

Quite often I am asked about Paper Minis easy-to-make DIY kit copyrights and Paper Minis Printie CD copyrights. If you are contemplating or have been using Paper Minis by copying, selling, making and selling or any other configuration and have a question, please contact me, Ann Vanture, at to discuss what you would like to do and whether or not it conforms to copyright rule.

To put it simply all kits and CDs contain paper engineering and artistic design that are unique or of a unique derivative nature. Therefore, each has been created and owned solely by Ann Vanture. Some antique artwork has been used in a derivative fashion to enhance a Paper Minis work, and has become my creation within the context of the Paper Minis creation. So please respect the copyrights, i.e., do not duplicate pre-printed kits to sell or gift, do not duplicate CDs to sell or gift, and do not duplicate to sell or gift unassembled projects from the printie CDs. Although some of the printie CDs are no longer for sale on the website, they are still protected by copyright.

You may, however, give or sell items you have assembled using Paper Minis printed kits. You may give or sell items you have assembled using Paper Minis printie CDs or complimentary Paper Minis Club projects as long as they are part of a staged scene. My intent is to provide a craft for the purchaser, my intent is not to provide a cottage industry for anyone other than myself. It is up to you to create your own designs for a personal business just as I did. Thank you for your cooperation. ~Ann at Paper Minis


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