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 Peddler's Wares Kit (1:12 scale)

1" scale peddler doll staged in old English street scene
Box found on CD
Doll not included

Wares* and CD


*Includes printed material,
fabric and ribbon only

 free shipping


qp1is001~Peddler’s Wares, pre-printed kit with printie CD for 8"x10" framed display box and language-free photo-tutorials. Doll not included.

Size: Suggested doll size for Peddler’s wares is 5.5” to 7.25” maximum to fit in display box. Costumed Peddler Doll in sample box is 5.5" tall.

You will need: Peddler doll, 8"x10" frame for display box, glue, paints and foam core board for making display box. Tray is made with 2" wide x 1/16" thick balsa wood. Not included are the 3D items such as kitchen utensils, wine bottle, purses and shoes.

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staging trunk with mini theater and more
Close up
(shoes not included)
Street scene peddler with frame on display box
Close up
Box & wallpaper
found on CD
contents of peddler's tray from plates to cigars
Close upp

All paper items are pre-printed. Fabric and ribbon items included.
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Toothpick handle not includedspan>

1 inch scale: hand fan
Gold fitting not included
1 inch scale: Vintage baseball cards
1 inch scale: perfume
BeBeads & metal
fitting not included
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Plate slugs not includedspan>
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1/4" pom-pom not included
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1 inch scale: Peddler's tray
2" wide x 1/16" thick
balsa wood not included
1 inch scale: slippers and box
Slippers not included
1 inch scale: bottle of wine with antique label 
Wine bottle not included
  1 inch scale: display trunk  


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