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Paper Minis Contemporary Collections ~ 12-Month Subscriptions
Easy-to-make pre-printed kits for: 1:12, 1:24 & 1:48 scales
Easy-to-make pre-printed kits for: 1:6 scale (fashion doll)
Easy-to-make kits on printie CDs for 1:3 scale (girl doll)
13 total collections in each subscription

Each monthly collection is a complete vignette for staging each room of a modern home. These collections are a cultural statement of our lifestyle in the 21st century. These are 12 collections (plus a 13th gift for subscribers) in easy-to-make, pre-printed kits. Please note the Girl doll scale comes as printie CDs.

None of the pre-printed Paper Minis products need to be sealed or sprayed. For your information the printed surfaces have been tested under running water and allowed to air dry. The print surface is colorfast and does not run. However, be careful to not unnecessarily saturate, which will cause a slight ripple in the paper surface.

1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 Scales. ALL OF THEM!!
  (dollhouse scales)
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1:6 Scale (fashion doll scale) Click here

1:3 Scale (girl doll scale) Click here

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Sampler from 12th collection titled
A Touch of Class
(all photos on this page are of the 1:6 scale version)
Collections in Series

1. Breakfast Glory Collection:
Saturday morning and the doll family's kitchen counter is covered by great breakfast groceries and to make the meal even better, someone has run to the corner store for donuts and coffee.

click here for larger image

2. Living the Good Life Collection: Envision the doll family has come home from a long day of activities and gets comfy on the sofa with KFC and the trimmings, diet soda and carton, magazines, and the TV Guide.

Click here for larger image
3. Reading is Fun-damental Collection: The doll family curls up on over-stuffed furniture in the screened porch on a rainy day with coffee table style books, romance novels and paper backs. Note: Interior pages are blank.

Click here for larger image
4. Family Fun Night Collection: It's Friday night and the doll family is gathered in the rumpus room full of the most popular boxed board games, playing cards and game magazines.

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5. Drop it Here Collection: There's a table surface in every dollhouse on which everything seems to find a home including packages, priority mail, the newspaper, junk mail, mail, bank statement and catalogs.

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6. Keep Clean and Shiny Collection: Everything needs to be kept clean in the doll house – dishes, pots and pans, sinks, tubs, feet need scrubbing, need to cover that gray, skin needs cleaning and cleared. Treat the hay fever and headache caused by all that cleaning with items found in the medicine cabinet.

Click here for larger image
7. Clean Your Room! Collection: So many toys, so little room! Envision boxed toys and dolls strewn all across the dollhouse kids' room. Collection includes baby nursery items.

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8. Media Extravaganza Collection: Spend an evening in the dollhouse den working with software, playing video games, watching old videos and new DVDs, and listening to retro vinyl records and contemporary CDs.

Click here for larger image

9. Stock the Kitchen Collection: Whether its dinner for one or for six at the dollhouse family, it's always nice to see lots of food when the cabinet or refrigerator is opened.

Click here for larger image
10. This Backpack is too Heavy! Collection: Everything a dollhouse kid needs in his/her school backpack such as pencils, box of colored pencils, pencil box, pocket folder, composition notebook, text books, Cracker Jacks and prize, bag candy, post-its, test and answer sheet.

Click here for larger image
11. It's a Party Collection: (Note: many items do not appear in the photos) The dollhouse family always needs to be prepared for upcoming bridal, birthday and Halloween parties. Included are theme plates (12 total, 4 each occasion), cups (12 total, 4 each occasion), envelopes and invitations (12 total, 4 each occasion), 2 gift bags with cards, 2 gift boxes with cards, 3 center pieces, 6 two-sided pinwheels, and lots of candy for Halloween centerpiece. Not included: flowers, tissue, rope handles, pinwheel sticks.

Click here for larger image
Not shown are the complete sets of plates, cups, horns and invitations.

12. A Touch of Class Collection: Specialty items for contemporary dollhouse men and women, hatbox, manly cigar box and cigars, 2 each name brand his and her shoe boxes, her thank you notes and portfolio, his writing portfolio, 2 classy shopping bags (tissue and handles not included), his cologne and her perfume, some racy reading and a box of chocolates for her. Great for staging the master suite.

Click here for larger image
13. Man's Best Friends Collection: Three dry cat food bags, 6 cans of cat food, 1 carton of cat food, 2 bags of cat treats, 4 cans of dog food, 6 bags of dog treats, aquarium filters, pump, heater, cuttlebone for turtles, turtle food and fish food. (NOTE: For everyone who makes it to the end of the subscription will receive this collection FREE as a completion bonus along with the 12th collection above.)

Click here for larger image
My Dolly's Scrapbook Available
  in Multiple Scales and Languages




b1is019 My Dolly Scrapbook DIY Kit
1:12 scale for 1" dollhouses
$7.98 +standard S&H
see S&H table under menu
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bfd019~My Dolly Scrapbook DIY Kit
1:6 scale for 12" fashion dolls
$7.98 +standard S&H
see S&H table under menu
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bgd019~My Dolly Scrapbook Printie CD
1:3 scale for 18" girl dolls
$7.98 +standard S&H
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