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Sample product:
Victorian Bride's Planner Kit
Click Here for Dollhouse scale kit
Click Here for Fashion Doll scale kit
Paper Minis are doll and dollhouse accessories available in multiple scales but mostly 1:12 (1" dollhouse scale) miniatures. Paper Minis are available in do-it-yourself (DIY) pre-printed, easy-to-make printie kits (a.k.a. printables). Some products are sold as Paper Minis printie CDs for digital projects. Good news! Owning a dollhouse is not a requirement to enjoy Paper Minis. A perfect paper craft hobby mini enough not to take all your space! Many kits are suitable for scrapbook hobbyists.

The first item in the desk set in 5 scales
Click here for the download file
of the Red Victorian Desk Set: To Do Notepad
Please share the following file--without changes, as is only, this file only--to everyone in your special interest group or on-line forum. This file will help you learn the hobby. Keep in mind your print-out will not be the quality of a pre-printed Paper Minis kit...More to come in this desk set!

Sample product:
1940s Art-Deco Kitchen
Spices and Cooking

Click Here for Dollhouse scale kit
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Click Here
for ornaments
made from 1:12 kits

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If you are a scrapbook enthusiast, I would love to hear ideas from you after you look around the Paper Minis website. Here is my email address: . Thanks! Check out the downloadable project(s) above and share.


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Sample project available in 4 scales

Join by emailing . Your email information is never shared with anyone or business. Receive the free newsletter and access 80+ different complimentary projects in multiple scales. Your printing will not be the high-standard of a pre-printed Paper Minis kit, but your will have great projects on which to learn the paper-crafting hobby!

The best things in life are small and simple.

Here are sample project files:

Here are more sample project files:


For the McLoughlin Brothers

with Dollhouse/Bookcase

Click here for close-up
Click here  for information page
Read the on-line review of Paper Minis products by Lesley Shepherd,  the guide to dollhouse miniatures. Click here to read her review.

Learn about Paper Minis and the artisan Ann Vanture in the on-line CDHM magazine written by Lauretta Carroll. Click here to read the article.

Read a feature article about Paper Minis and Ann Vanture in the June 2012 American Miniaturist Magazine. Click here for this 3mg PDF file.

Paper Minis is the supporting cast to Rhea Avery in this featured article in American Miniaturist Magazine. Click here for this 2mg PDF file.

On-line review in Wendy Craig's Blog Dolls Houses and Minis in New Zealand. July 17, 2012 and July 22, 2012 entry.

Feature article in the Warren County Sentinel Newspaper week of  June 18, 2013. This is the local paper in my community in the Shenandoah Valley, Front Royal, Virginia.

And the most important: Customer Testimonials

The 1" scale (1:12 scale) Paper Minis are easy-to-make, pre-printed kits. These are higher quality than any you have seen. following are examples of 1" scale dollhouse pre-printed easy-to-make Kits. The Paper Minis Wallpaper CD is a great resource for staging all your miniatures! The following samples show pre-printed 1" kits, and wallpapered display boxes from the CD.

Click here for the Gateway to 1" scale products.

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Are you hesitant to purchase any pre-printed Paper Minis because you are not believing the quality? Is it hard to believe that Paper Minis prints could possibly be that much better than what you print at home? If you have never seen a Paper Minis pre-printed kit before, I will send you a free sample card for you to evaluate, if you send me your name and snail-mail address to  Please, this offer is for those who are contemplating placing an order in the very near future and want to see the quality of a Paper Minis pre-printed kit prior to placing an order. ~Thank you, Ann at Paper Minis

The following are sample pre-printed, easy-to-make kits for more scales such as Fashion Doll 1:6 scale (like Barbie™), Hitty Preble 1:9 scale, 1/2" Dollhouse (1:24 scale), 1/4" Dollhouse (1:48 scale), and 1:144 scale. Girl Doll 1:3 scale owners (like American Girl™ and My Twinn™) can purchase printie CDs.

Click here for the Gateway to tiny and large scales.
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Receive a 35% discount for your group on the total before shipping and handling charges. Pick what you want and the quantity (minimum of 6 per product) and email your request to . This does not happen automatically, you have to work with me personally through email.

You can find Paper Minis Dealers in many parts of the world. Please
click here to see the listing.

As of March 8, 2013 all Paper Minis sold either from this website or from a licensed Paper Minis dealer with display an embossed stamp of a sleeping cat and the statement that it is an authentic Paper Minis product. Look for the authentication seal to make sure you get the quality of a true Paper Minis product. No true Paper Minis product on the market will be without it!

Paper Minis pre-printed kits and digital projects are designed for easy-assembly, for 8-year-olds to 80+; require only a few inexpensive tools and adhesives; take up very little space in a tight little household; do not require a dollhouse; are beautiful, made with the highest quality print materials; and are very affordable. You must spend wisely these days, so the complimentary projects exist so you can learn the hobby before making a purchase. Paper Minis are fun to make and admire, a great distraction from our daily stresses, and just right for anyone on a tight budget. The perfect pastime!  ~ 

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