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Paper Minis Are...

Doll and dollhouse accessories kits available in multiple scales. Paper Minis are available in do-it-yourself (DIY) professionally printed, easy-to-make printie kit booklets (printables). All are high-resolution, printed on high-end papers and are water resistant. FYI: Girl Doll projects are sold as digital download files. See below.
Owning a dollhouse is not a requirement to enjoy Paper Minis. A perfect paper craft hobby small enough not to take all your space! Many kits are suitable for scrapbook hobbyists. Start exploring from the menu to the left. See Paper Minis Info for menu choices explained. Below you are introduced to different Paper Minis scales; start with the largest scale and work your way down to the smallest...

1:3 Girl Doll Scale (16"~19")

1:3 scale digital download kit for egg decorating and peeps

1:3 scale chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookie making kit

Many more Girl Doll scale 1:3 (about 16" to 19" dolls) digital downloads are available at the following link. The Contemporary Collections digital downloads are also available. See all 13 collections here. More 1:3 scale digital files will be announced in the near future.

The current count of new professionally printed Paper Minis kit booklets now stands at an amazing 101, and there are many more to come to the catalog soon. Below are samples of 1:6 fashion doll/play scale. If you would like to look at all 1:6 offerings click here to go to the gateway.

1:6 fashion doll/play scale



Bookfd5: Vintage Toys (1:6 scale)
Click here to purchase and see others

1:6 scale cookies and candy


Bookfd3: S'mores; Oatmeal Raisin
Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Candy
(1:6 scale)
Click here to purchase and see others

DIY 1:6 scale kit booklet for making Vintage Barbie Accessories


Bookfd2: Barbie and Skipper Carry Case; Homage to Barbie Dolls;
Board Game (1:6 scale)
Click here to purchase and see others

1:12 Scale aka as 1" Dollhouse Scale

The following photos are of sample 1:12 scale--the most popular scale. The gateway link to this scale is here.

Living the Good Life Contemporary Miniatures for 1:12 scale
Contemporary Collections Book ss1
Breakfast Glory
Living the Good Life
as 1:12 scale. This collection is also available in 1:6 scale and 1:3 scale (digital download files).

1:12 scale Alchemist's Lair


Book8: The Alchemist's Lair (1:12 scale)
Click here
to purchase this professionally printed booklet of easy-to-make projects.

  DIY scenic ornament vintage toys theme


Bookorna9: Vintage Toys
Scenic Ornament Kit (needs 100mm globe)
Click here to purchase and see others.
Seven more ornaments are coming!

Eloise WIlken miniature books in 1:12 scale


Four book box set of Vintage Eloise Wilkin: Come Play House; Wonders of Nature; Where Did the Baby Go!; and Wiggles. Includes storage sleeves and box. 1:12 scale

There are 6 in the series. Click here for info.

This series is available in 1:6 scale as well.

Here is the link to the smallest scales. Hopefully there will be more choices in the future. This Half-Inch scale booklet can be found at that link.

half inch scale professional kits book (1:24 scale)

Good news! Join the mailing and receive the free newsletter with access to complimentary projects in many scales. This is a great way to learn the hobby before making an investment. You will also see new product announcements and see what is currently on sale.

Vintage Sewing Cards and Box

Example of Download Project with
Newsletter: Vintage Sewing Cards

The best things in life are small and simple...

Miniature animal cracker purse boxes in many doll scales

Here are downloadable digital sample project files. These are not as fine as professionally printed booklets, but good for homemade and for learning the hobby:


Mission Statement...
Paper Minis professionally printed booklet kits and digital projects are designed for easy-assembly, targeting any and all ages; require only a few inexpensive tools and adhesives; take up very little space in a tight little household; do not require a dollhouse; are beautiful, made with the highest quality materials; and are very affordable. You must spend wisely these days, so the complimentary projects exist so you can learn the hobby before making a purchase. However, these projects do not show you the quality of true Paper Minis kit booklets, which are printed on the finest of papers. Paper Minis are fun to make and admire, a great distraction from our daily stresses, and just right for anyone on a tight budget. The perfect pastime! 



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