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 Paper Minis are Easy-to-Make, Pre-printed Kits &
 Digital Projects for Making Doll & Dollhouse Accessories
Victorian Bridal Planner Kit for 1:12 scale
Sample product:
Victorian Bride's Planner Kit
Click Here for 1:12 scale
Click Here for 1:6 scale

1:12 scale art deco kitchen spices, bowls and pitcher

Sample product:
1940s Art-Deco Kitchen
Spices and Cooking

Click Here for 1:12 scale kit

Doll and dollhouse scales: egg decorating kits
1:24 not shown

Contemporary breakfast products for dolls and dollhouses
Sample from Contemporary Collection
Subscription available in 5 scales

Paper Minis Are...

Doll and dollhouse accessories kits available in multiple scales. Paper Minis are available in do-it-yourself (DIY) pre-printed, easy-to-make printie kits (printables). All are high-resolution, printed on high-end papers and are water resistant--good for antiquing!

Some products are sold as printie CDs for digital projects. Good news! Owning a dollhouse is not a requirement to enjoy Paper Minis. A perfect paper craft hobby small enough not to take all your space! Many kits are suitable for scrapbook hobbyists.

Available Sizes or Doll Scales

Kits come in:
1:12 scale or 1" dollhouse scale;
1:6 scale or Fashion Doll or Play Scale (Barbie fits in this size);
1:3 scale or Girl Doll Scale (18" American Girl Doll fits in this size);
1:9 scale (Hitty fits in this size); and
1:24 scale and 1:48 scale also known as 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch scale respectively.

Helpful Information

Visit the News Page to find the latest in new products and sales.

There is a product Index Page that might be helpful to you.

You do not need to own a PayPal account to order. You may use the PayPal service to use your credit card, just read the prompts when you are ready to complete your order...or you may use my snail mail order form.

If your order has a balance left on charged Shipping and Handling, it will be returned to you! No one else makes that offer!

Good news! Join the mailing and receive the free weekly newsletter with access to complimentary projects in many scales. This is a great way to learn the hobby before making an investment.

If you have a question you may contact me.

If you do not believe Paper Minis could be better than your home printing, I will send you a sample via snail mail--if you are contemplating making an order in the near future. Read testimonials and articles concerning Paper Minis.

The best things in life are small and simple

Miniature animal cracker purse boxes in many doll scales

Here are downloadable sample project files:

Miniature vintage sewing cards in many doll & dollhousel scales

Here are more downloadable sample project files:

Mission Statement 
Paper Minis pre-printed kits and digital projects are designed for easy-assembly, for 8-year-olds to 80+; require only a few inexpensive tools and adhesives; take up very little space in a tight little household; do not require a dollhouse; are beautiful, made with the highest quality print materials; and are very affordable. You must spend wisely these days, so the complimentary projects exist so you can learn the hobby before making a purchase. Paper Minis are fun to make and admire, a great distraction from our daily stresses, and just right for anyone on a tight budget. The perfect pastime!

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